Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sarvam Sarvatmakam, Part 2

I propose that art and science are two sides of the same coin. Both provide hope, inspiration, and need each other to survive. There is the obvious: science behind the oil points that allow it to last longer and the simpler science in the very dyes and clays used to create the first works of art. There is art in the layout of a computer's motherboard, and the word used to describe a breakthrough algorithm or proof is "elegant". One would not work without the other, in the same way that our lives would not work if one disappeared. Can you imagine a life without art? The trees bleak and gray (would color even exist?) and our homes replaced by boxes (but then would we be able to conceptualize a square?). We would despair and die.

Both science and art stem from our ability as humans to reason. When an engineer puts together something revolutionary, he has to think about how all the components - the computer program, the voltages running through the wires, the hardware, it must all come together harmoniously to serve a greater purpose. You have many who come together for the creation of something like this: programmers, electricians, and so on. A great choreographer must do the same. He or she must utilize dancers, musicians, and create something where the sum must prove far greater than its parts.

Both must push the boundaries of ordinary thought to create anything worth watching or using and the final result is something that eases* us through our lives.

*The function of art will be discussed at a later point, such as Aristotle's viewpoint that catharsis is the result of watching a tragedy, or Abhinavagupta's theories on rasa theory bringing us closer to the truth.

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