Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MY EVIDENCE!! And watching the codification/creation of "high art" happen...

YOU TUBE COMMENTS THAT PROVE MY POINT!!!! (with the last post)

robismellow (33 minutes ago) Show Hide
I think what is amazing about this is that they have elevated "street dance" to a deeper level. As far as the music issue being discussed - choreography doesn't have to match the rhythm of a piece per se, though I would argue this does. Just my two cents about my favorite new video.

analogWeapon (1 hour ago) Show Hide
being a musician myself, i like to think that i have a decent sense of rhythm. i think this is a case of something just not being my style. like i said: not saying the dancing isn't skillful; it just doesn't express the feeling of the music at all to me.

lingh89 (2 days ago) Show Hide
what refreshing music! This steps up the dance to a higher level.


These interesting comments on youtube also point to a second opinion I have - the codification of art into a "classical" style or a "high" art. I think it's happening right now with hip hop. As the dance gets more and more widespread and hits the stages rather than the streets it has obviously become more and more creative. It's hit the point now with themes and messages and various complexities within the music and dance that I like to think of as "the beginning of the end". It's a complete cycle:

1. Formation of the art
2. Art form is derided and thought of as "low"
3. Art form spreads like wild fire anyway
4. Art form grows and grows until people decide that it's more than just movement, it has meaning and implication and is experiential the way "high art" is.
5. Art form gets codified.
6. Art form becomes considered "high art".

I can identify the stages for every dance style I know. Some go through phases quickly (Martha Graham's modern dance, for instance, sped right through "low" art, maybe spent only a few years there), others remain stuck there for some time (Bollywood is currently in stage 3).

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