Sunday, August 31, 2014

Awesome advertising: "I will what I want"

There is something amazing about the words "I will what I want" - sheer force of will resulting in the actions necessary to get yourself where you want to go - so this new Under Armour campaign is incredible.

It is inspirational, and dead on target. Under Armour has used storytelling with a message at it's best - and it honestly made me research more about the company, the campaign, their website for a solid hour. Job well done, marketers.

It has also made me jump right onto the Misty Copeland bus - the incredible extension and amazing lines she has makes her fame well deserved. You go girl!

Or, perhaps I should say: You will girl!

I've also included the other commercials because they made me want to go search my house for overweight suitcases and run around in the front yard with them.

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